About Me

I am a writer and literary editor, I edit and write for authors, websites and company brochures.

To date, I have lived in more than 220 cities, in 23 countries. My work has appeared or is forthcoming in numerous places, including: *82 Review, Awakenings, Envelope, and Ego Trip Magazines. I am currently hard at work on a book length memoir about my 12 years living in Italy as a fashion model.

I am also a Metaphysician, qualified to create and administrate healing centers and new age spas, a certified Reiki Master, Astrologer, Holistic Counselor, and Internet Marketer/Webmaster/designer, and a Raw Food Chef.

I mainly function as a Consultant, advising and helping people and their businesses to thrive while facilitate the changes they wish to  incorporate. I have a great deal of experience with publishing (magazines, newspapers, books), archiving (libraries and art), and real estate (managing, buying and selling) and the shamanic healing arts. I love to care for others and volunteer my time and support helping the people of my community succeed.


Mary McBeth